Bobby Lide and son Jared started raising Black Hereford cattle in 2009.

Curtis Younts Sr. , Curtis Younts Jr., and now Curtis III, started Curtis Younts and Son Hereford Ranch in 1959. Through the years they crossed Hereford with Angus.

Bobby joked with Curtis that he was in the Black Hereford business and didn’t know it. After thoughts about this statement , Curtis approached Bobby and said you’re right. I’m in the Black Hereford business and we should get together and start an association to register Hereford , Angus cross( F1’s) and Black Herefords. The WBHA was started!

Many names were thought of and World Black Hereford Association came about.

WBHA Trade marked their name and Logo on August 21st 2014.

Curtis and Bobby have worked together to create what we think will be the fastest growing association in the world.

One of the goals is to have a paperless association. Everything from registrations, transfers, and payment will be completed online.

For those who want a paper trail we will accommodate you also.

We welcome Hereford, Angus and Black Hereford Breeders to our new association.

We realize without great Hereford and Angus breeders we could not have F1’s to create our Black Herefords.

Bobby has been breeding Herefords and Angus together to improve the Black Hereford breed, and Triple L Cattle.

Curtis and son have bred their Hereford and Angus together for many years and with this breeding he has quality Black Herefords.